80 Year Old Surprise

When this was shared with me, I could hardly believe it. Watch and be amazed (sounds like hype, but suspend cynicism for once and check it out)

The Power of Small Wins – Harvard Business Review

The Power of Small Wins – Harvard Business Review, by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer, May 2011. The results of the research of managers perceptions shows that most... – A Website For Ideas

This site has the download of Seth Godin’s book “The Bootstrapper’s Bible” which I saw a story about on “Your Business” on MSNBC.  This site, “Change This” has come thought...

“The Bootstrapper’s Bible” on Your Business

I was watching “Your Business” on MSNC and Seth Godin was talking about his book “The Bootstrapper’s Bible.”  I agree with his explanation that starting up is more than a...

Advanced File Searching Windows 7

Advanced File Searching Windows 7

Tips for finding files.  There are some new qualifiers to learn to be effective searching in Windows V7.  The advanced search examples from the article were: size:>=3mb <=9mb author:(Yatri OR...