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andresr29403_TeamWorkingTogether_BusinessSelf-discipline, work, and character are ideas that have the power to transform individuals and teams.

Your best performance occurs when you have executed your strategy, backed by your story or beliefs, while in the optimal state for you.  The process of turning wishes into consistent action is not magic and we can help you get the results.  We have been helping teams and players improve in sports and business since 2008.

We have been providing business consulting since 1987 and management consulting since 1997.  We have brought our successful strategies from business arena to the sports arena. Overcoming resistance, changing work habits, and leveraging the power of small wins are some of the ways we help make change that sticks.

Mental toughness, resilience, increased focus, and relaxation are some of the tools we will help you use more effectively.  Talent is a place to start and as you have more success in your sport, the mental side of competition is more important.  With the right mental training you will be more effective in your workouts, practices, and other training.

We believe in the power of work and effort – both of which are in the individuals control.  You will improve by committing to this simple truth and the ripple effects will amaze you.  We will tell you the truth – whether that means building you up or holding you up to the mirror so you can see reality.

Do you want to improve the consistency and level of your performance? How can you tell if you are committed or just wishing? What do recent research findings into how our brains work, tell us about turning desires into plans, plans into habits, habits into rituals, and rituals into lasting change?

You have what it takes to get to the next level in your sport, your business, or your life. Change starts inside you and moves through you to your sphere of influence. We can help you find the right set of tools to help you grow.  The plan, mental toughness, integrity, and will power play a part in performance improvement.

Contact us and let’s talk. We can help you improve your performance. We want a chance to earn your trust and help you discover more of your greatness.

It was once said, “We should not just share our riches with others, but reveal theirs to them.”

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Your success is in your hands and success is up to you. Know that you have what it takes inside you to achieve more than you have to date.  Contact us today and let’s get started.


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